"Ellenberger Heringszaun"

In the sight of the bridge we see the "Ellenberger Heringszaun". This herring fence is unique in Europe, probably all over the world.Annually it is the heart of the "herring bet" on Ascencion Day: guests are asked to give a guess at a haul result. The one who gets closest to the exact result will be proclaimed herring queen or king for one year. The herring fence was first mentioned in 1482 and it is the last one of 38 altogether which ware counted in 1648 at the Schlei.

This way of fishing - unprofitable today - once required a lot of fish swimming up the Schlei in order to spawn. With the decline of the richness of fish and the modern hauling methods of today the end of the herring fences was preprogrammed.

It's the intention of our embellishment society and our town councilors to preserve this very last herring fence as an economic monument. Thicket, woven in between solid piles, forms a wall impenetrable for fish. The wide open "Throat" of the fence gets narrower and narrower towards the bridge and ends in "REUSEN" (fish traps), that can be taken out.


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